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SMARC: Tech Day

April 20

SMARC Q2 Tech Day, April 2019

The Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club (SMARC) had it’s first ever tech on January the 5th, and it was an overwhelming success! We had several people bring out all kinds of electrical equipment for diagnostics, to do simple repairs, and figure out why radios weren’t working, as they should. It was also an excellent opportunity for people to see the insides of their equipment, and to learn how they work.

Our host, Jordan (N0RK) had a great time too, and was happily surprised so many people came. We were all surprised when a KY3 news team showed up to do a story about the event! So we have already started working on the 2nd Tech Day coming up on April 20th. He has spectrum scopes, station monitors, oscilloscopes, and many other pieces of test equipment to look at your radios.

As before, Q2 Tech Day is not just limited to Amateur Radio equipment! Jordan has said you can bring any piece of electronics by, and he’ll take a look at it. At our Route 66 On the Air! event this past September, Jordan was even able to repair a sick lawnmower!! We will try to diagnose and repair your radio if possible, but make no guarantees. Where as Jordan has access to a lot of test gear, and parts, he doesn’t have everything. At the very least we will try to find the cause of the issue, and point you in the right direction if a repair is not possible.

Q2 Tech Day will once again take place at Jordan’s house. The address is: 3611 North Farm Road 147, about 7/10ths of a mile north of the intersection of Kansas and Norton roads. This is a rain or shine event, as it will be held in Jordan’s garage. The temps should be nice in mid April, so the garage door will likely be open. But if it is cool, or blowing rain, the door will be down.

Jordan will also have a station setup so that you can make some radio contacts if you would like. Also he should have another antenna connection, so bring your radio with you, and you can throw it on an antenna, and get on the air too!!

The event starts at 11:00 AM CST, and goes till about 10:00 PM that evening. We will be having a cook out along with the Tech Day. We have not decided on what meat there will be, but it will be provided. If you wish to bring something special for yourself, Jordan will throw it on the grill for you. Water, Iced Tea, and Soft drinks will be provided as well, again unless you want to bring something special. Please, soft drinks only, no alcohol is allowed!! You are welcome to bring side dishes, desserts, chips, or snacks if you wish as well.

As are all SMARC club events, this one is Family, & Kid friendly!! We just ask if you bring young children, that someone is available to watch them. Some electronics equipment can contain very high voltages, even years after the last time they have been powered on. These voltages could at the least cause pain & burns, at worst could stop your heart. That is why we ask that children be supervised at all times.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the next SMARC Tech Day!!

Event Details @ https://allevents.in/springfield/q2-tech-day-april-2019/20002604710234

Learn more about Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club (SMARC) @ http://smarc.org/


Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club (SMARC)